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MSI USB Tool : Create a Bootable USB Drive to Flash BIOS

This is a fast safe method to flash the BIOS on any MSI motherboard that supports booting from a USB drive
you won't need any DOS commands or boot files, everything's done automatically. Don't use this method if
you have a different brand of board, it's for MSI motherboards only. Where I refer to a USB stick in
this guide I mean any flash memory storage device with a USB connector.

Follow this step by step guide for a successful BIOS flash

  • Load the optimized default settings in your BIOS and only flash if your system is stable
  • While in the BIOS check that USB legacy support is enabled : check that Boot Sector Protection is disabled
  • You need to download 3 files so please do this now, the download links are posted at the bottom of the page
  • Download & install the HP USB Disc Storage Format Tool, this is used to format your USB stick
  • Download the MSIHQ tool, this prepares your USB stick with all the files needed to flash the BIOS
  • Download your BIOS file from MSI's web site, make sure it's the correct BIOS for your motherboard
  • BIOS files from the MSI web site are zipped, download yours to the desktop and leave it zipped
  • Start up the HP USB Format Tool,  it's located in this folder   C:\DriveKey
  • Choose the FAT32 file system, uncheck the DOS start up disc option, then Quick Format your USB stick
  • Now start up the MSIHQ tool. There are 3 options available. Choose option 1 for zip archive & click next
  • Point the MSIHQ tool to the zipped BIOS file located on your desktop & click next
  • You're asked to type in the drive letter of your USB stick, type in the letter
  • You're asked to confirm this is the correct drive letter, type y (for yes)
  • MSIHQ tool now prepares your USB stick with everything needed to flash the new BIOS. it takes a few seconds
  • When finished, the MSIHQ tool asks if you want to proceed with the BIOS flash by rebooting the system, type y (for yes)
  • As the system re-boots, tap the F11 key to bring up the boot options screen
  • Now choose your USB stick as the boot device & hit enter ... this will start the flash procedure!
  • You can save a copy of the current BIOS on the USB stick before the update takes place
  • The new BIOS will now be flashed from your USB stick, this is all done in DOS ... It's important not to interrupt the flash!
  • When the BIOS update is complete, you'll see the DOS prompt   C:\>   press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to re-boot
  • The last step, enter the BIOS and load optimized defaults then SAVE & EXIT... the Job is Finished
  • The new BIOS version is displayed on the POST screen beneath the BIOS logo
  • Download links below

Quick Format your USB stick using FAT32 file system
leave the DOS startup disc box unchecked

MSIHQ tool prepares all the files on your USB stick and makes it bootable
choose option 1 for a zipped BIOS downloaded from MSI's web page


When MSIHQ tool has finished preparing your USB stick, re-boot your PC
and press the F11 key to show the boot options screen, now select your
USB stick and hit the enter key to start the BIOS flash, don't interrupt it.


  • The best method is to download the zipped BIOS from MSI's web site, leave it zipped, then choose Option 1
  • Always download the BIOS to your hard drive not the USB stick
  • If you're using a Beta BIOS unzip the file to desktop start the MSIHQ tool and choose Option 2
  • Option 3. SureHands searches the internet for all available BIOS for your motherboard including Betas
  • SureHands lists all the BIOS it finds, you're then free to choose one
  • The chosen BIOS will be flashed in DOS from your USB stick, unlike MSI Live Update which flashes in Windows

The SureHands option only works with a limited number of MSI motherboards
these are the motherboards currently supported, more models may be added

  • 975X Platinum PowerUp Edition (MS-7246, PCB 2.1)
  • K8N Diamond Plus( MS-7220, PCB 1.0)
  • 865PE Neo2-P Platinum Edition (MS-6728, PCB 2.0C)
  • K8N Neo4-F (MS-7125, PCB 3.0)
  • K8NGM2-FID (MS-7207, PCB 2.0)
  • P35 Neo Combo-F ((MS-7365, PCB 1.0))
  • P35 Neo2 Series ((MS-7345, PCB 1.1))
  • P35 Platinum ((MS-7345, PCB 1.1))
  • P35 Neo-F ((MS-7360, PCB 1.0))
  • P6N Diamond ((MS-7320, (PCB 1.0)))
  • P6N SLI Platinum MS-7350 (PCB 1.0)
  • P6N SLI-FI MS-7350 (PCB 2.0)
  • P6N SLI V2 MS-7346, (PCB 1.0)
  • P965 Platinum MS-7238, (PCB 1.1)
  • K9A Platinum MS-7280, (PCB 1.0)
  • K9N Neo-F (MS-7260, PCB 1.0 & 2.0 )
  • K9VGM-V (MS-7253, PCB1.0)
  • K9N Platinum & K9N SLI Platinum(MS-7250, PCB1.0)
  • K8N Neo3 (MS-7135, PCB 1.0 & 2.0)
  • K9A2 Platinum
  • K9A2 CF-F
  • X38 Diamond Plus
  • X38 Diamond
  • X38 Platinum


Download Links

  • HP format tool   HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool v2.1.8 from extremeoverclocking
  • MSIHQ tool  v1.15d stand alone version from FileSend
  • MSIHQ tool  v1.15d stand alone version from msi forums: you must register to download
  • MSI web site   BIOS are on the product page for your motherboard. Look under Intel : AMD : or Archive :

MSIHQ tool supports 32 & 64 bit OS: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista.

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